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Tour Director John McFarlane has worked in hospitality and tourism for 33 years, with over a decade and half in the wine industry. From the Hyatt and Accor Hotels and traveling the world, John went on to become a Winery Promotions Manager before establishing New Zealand Wine Promotions Ltd in Auckland in 2002. His first client was Alingi, the 2003 Swiss Syndicate Americas Cup Winner, but John doesn’t believe wine should only be enjoyed by the elite. “New Zealand Wineries have so much to offer both Oenophiles and Newcomers to the wonderful world of wine.”

“New Zealand wineries have so much to offer both the oenophile or the newcomer to the wonderful world of wine”

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Department of Conservation: Te Papa Atawhai

NZWINEPRO – Auckland Wine Tours is also an approved Department of Conservation tour operator. This means we pay yearly membership and visitation fees for each person when taking clients to some of our most protected areas like the Muriwai Takapu colony and other protected forest reserves that might include endangered or rare flora and fauna.

We operate to a specific code of conduct to ensure that we not only minimise our impact on these special areas, but contribute to the cost of the care and upkeep with regard to the great work that New Zealand Department of Conservation rangers and field officers do on a daily basis.

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